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about body buddies

Body Buddies were created in 2008 to promote natural healing, warmth and relaxation. Each one is made by hand using soft cotton (organic cotton also available) and flannel fabrics. They provide a natural, therapeutic way to heal or gain warmth. Each Body Buddy measures 10” x 6” and is filled with approximately one pound of natural, organic corn. Body Buddies are environmentally friendly, scentless, and when heated, the organic corn holds the heat longer than any other grain. Your Body Buddy is reusable for many years and you’ll find that the fabric will become even softer, like a favorite t-shirt.

Get one for yourself, give one as a gift. They also make great perks or incentives for Health and Wellness Professionals. Choose from our selection of fabrics, or request a custom order with a fabric of your own. Body Buddies can also be personalized with company logos for brand awareness with a benefit! Use one on your lower back while working on the computer or curl up with one on the couch to keep warm, but most of all just ENJOY!

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